Do you have abusive parents or loved ones?

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TODO: write this section fully.

Where safe, you should resist any abuse or opposition you get, and do what you need to do. If that means transitioning, then you should do it, if that’s what you want to do. You have the moral (and in some countries, legal) right to live freely as yourself.

Trans rights are human rights!


This is a good guide on how to deal with abusive parents in general. This is also useful for transgender people who depend on parents, ones who are transphobic or otherwise attempt to control them (in other words, stop them from living as a trans person).

This link may also be useful, even if you don’t live with your parents. For instance, you may have an abusive partner who acts in much the same way.

TODO: write about children too, for trans parents who are coming out.

TODO: write about abusive school administration / bullies, for kids who are coming out in school.

TODO: write about older people who are employed, and dealing with abuse in the workplace.

This page is a to-do. We recently had the idea for this page, as of 15 Sep 2017

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