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Granota is the IRC bot of ##transit. It has various types of functions, from little toys (.hug, .cake) to informative commands (.transit, .wiki).

User Permissions

In Granota, there are four types of users: the owner, admins, channel operators and the normal users. The owner has full access to all bot functions. Currently, the bot owner is NeoNamo. For technical reasons, only one user can be the owner.

Admins can control almost all bot functions. Currently, there are two admins: leah (and all their nicks) and polemic. The only command not available to them is .quit. They can, however, make the bot leave a channel. Admins must be active members of Transit and have a NickServ account with a cloak.

Channel operators can control all functions related to channel administration (kick, ban,…). However, these commands only work if the bot is channel operator too. This is currently not the case, so all this commands are, for the moment, disabled.

Finally, all users can control the rest of commands.


Granota’s prefix is a dot (.). That means that all commands must be typed with a dot in front of them. To see the list of commands, type .commands and it will send you the full list in a private message.

To see the documentation of a command, type .help <command> replacing <command> with the command you need help with.

All common commands can be performed either in a public channel or in a private message. Admin commands, however, normally require to be performed in PM.


The bot, licensed under the Eiffel Forum License version 2, is available in the transit/Granota repository. All contributions are welcome, whether they are a pull request or a bug report in the issue tracker.

If you are writing a new module that could potentially affect our users privacy, please ask for opinions when submitting it.


For debugging reasons, all messages sent to the bot and to the channels where the bot is in are logged in a plain-text file. This file is not publicly available and it is manually deleted periodically. Please avoid sending any private information to the bot.

All profiles generated with the .addinfo and .profile commands are stored in a plain-text file. This file is not publicly available, although the owner of the bot (NeoNamo) and the server owner may read it. For privacy reasons, this commands can only be used inside ##transit channels. It’s strongly recommended to use the .addinfo command from a registered and enforced NickServ account to avoid impersonation.

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