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In some countries (not all) you can get welfare to help with housing costs, as well as other things. Check if your government provides this. This is a legitimate way to either reduce the change of homelessness, or to lift yourself out of homelessness.

There’s nothing wrong with welfare. Welfare exists to help people. If your country has it, it’s *your right* *legally* to receive welfare when you need it.

There is a lot of shame brought about on people who use welfare, in many societies, because of brainwashing put out by the hard-right or conservative politicians and governments, which do not believe in it. We at Transit encourage the existence of welfare, and we welcome its introduction into all societies. We believe that everyone deserves a decent home, decent food, warmth, electricity and comfort in life. We believe that dignity is a human right.

Links for homeless trans people

Check out our resources page, which does contain some useful information.


This article explains some of the problems that exist in society, concerning housing discrimination. Trans people are often excluded from housing opportunities, by landlords or estate agents that are transphobic who then turn them down: http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/young-trans-and-homeless/7009393.article

United Kingdom

Check http://actionfortranshealth.org.uk/resources/for-trans-people/housing/

Stonewall has some useful resources on their website. Go to http://www.stonewallhousing.org/

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