Sexual Abuse

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Transgender people are more vulnerable to sexual abuse than most other people. Sexual abuse can cause victims to become severely depressed, suicidal and can cause other problems e.g. eating disorders, problems with sex life, and others. People who are like this often need therapy after the incident, if they become a survivor.

We hope that no one at Transit ever becomes qualified to write about sexual abuse. We regret that many people reading this may indeed by victims, either currently or in the past, or they may be a friend or relative of that person.


This article looks like it might be useful:

Survivor Trust (UK)

This is a network in the UK, for assisting survivors:

Mind (UK)

Mind is a mental health charity. They have their own list of resources: (UK)

Go to

NHS advice and support for survivors of sexual abuse

The impacts of childhood sexual abuse

Advice for teenage women

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