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Smoking already increases risk of blood clots (as well as other issues). For trans women, it’s worse because oral estrogen increases risk of blood clots.

How to quit smoking

Whether trans woman, trans man, non-binary, cis or other, smoking is bad for both your mental and physical health. It causes cancer, stroke, heart attack, heart disease, impotence, and lots of other things. Nicotine also messes with dopamine and serotonin and can cause some depression symptoms.

Smoking also complicates surgery, again due to clotting risk.

Quitting nicotine cold-turkey is the most logical thing to do. cold-turkey quitting site is very good for those who want to know how to quit successfully.

You’ll notice physical and mental improvements after quitting nicotine usage, especially if it’s cigarettes that you’re quitting.

Nicotine is not safe!

10 reasons why cold turkey is better

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