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In addition to this page, there is another site (not run by Transit) that has plenty of info for trans women: http://www.tsroadmap.com/index.html - NOTE: it may be a bit outdated, and uses outdated terms like transsexual, etc. TODO: integrate info from there that is missing on Transit, and then remove this link.
The info on tsroadmap may prove useful to trans women living in USA.

Our own info on Transit is incomplete. TODO: integrate useful information from TA and TSroadmap, onto the transit site. We are not responsible for information on external websites.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

As a trans woman, typically you would (if you were going to transition) take what is called HRT or hormone replacement therapy. This will give you the same estrogen/testosterone balance as a typical cis woman.

With HRT, several things will happen to you (this list is not exhaustive):

More information is on this Wikipedia article.

Your mileage may vary! Some people don’t get changes, while others might only see some of these changes, or they will see them in varying degrees. E.g. some trans women will develop large breasts, some will develop small - or no - breasts. It all depends on your body (and what type of hormones you take, at what dosages, etc). All of this depends on age, genetics, etc. There’s no telling what will happen to the individual trans person, you just have to see what happens basically.

We have information about getting HRT on the Transit site. See:
How to get HRT if you’re a child/teenager
How to get HRT if you’re an adult
Private trans care providers
How to purchase HRT on the internet

Voice training (feminization)

During male puberty, your voice deepens. Training can help that.

We have a section for this on the Transit site

Hair removal

You can get your body hair and facial hair permanently removed. We have a section for this on the Transit site

We have a section for this on the Transit site

Breast augmentation

You can get implants inserted into your breasts, to enlarge them.

See /breast-augmentation/


You can get surgery which will give you a fully functional vagina, with (depending on your surgeon and the type of surgery) full sensation and self-lubrication.

We have a section for this on the Transit site

Sex education for trans women

Brazen’s Trans Women’s Safer Sex Guide http://librarypdf.catie.ca/PDF/ATI-20000s/26424.pdf

Booklet for trans women that focuses in the UK but is still relevant for everyone: http://www.tht.org.uk/~/media/4653aa766e3f4c1286fc515f17146f32.ashx

Sex education for trans men

Sex education booklet for trans men that focuses in the UK but is still relevant for everyone


Sex education for gay trans men (trans men into into men)


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