Advice for transgender people, including non-binary and intersex


Transit is a transgender support group. We provide information, and meeting places online for people to communicate in a safe space.

Our #1 goal is to bring an end to gatekeeping and to bring about equality for transgender people, in all societies. We believe in progress via education, effective political campaigning and spreading awareness of our existence. We believe in freedom; transit is anti-gatekeeping, pro-informed-consent and pro-DIY. We have chatrooms, on the freenode IRC network, where all are welcome to join:

##transit##transit-social##transit-nsfw##transit-meta##transit-vegan – more info about IRC is on the IRC page

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Sensitive topics (WARNING: TRIGGERS)

BullyingEmploymentHousingDiscriminationSexual abuseNarcotics abuseSmokingAlcoholismWeight lossSuicideSelf-harmDepressionHomelessnessLoneliness

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